Chapter 4 Preview

Heading Towards
Your Savings Goals

What you will learn from this chapter:

  • Why it is difficult to save
  • What you need to save for
  • Where to keep your savings
  • Tips to boost your savings

Why you need to save

Saving is an essential foundation to strengthen your financial health. It protects you by having cash on hand for emergencies and creates a fund for purchasing something you want.

Most importantly, the habit of saving gives you more confidence to set wealth-building goals. So start saving now. Just take small comfortable steps till you feel more at ease and it becomes a habit.

Saving doesn’t have to be difficult. You can save by simply living within your means. This means your lifestyle should match your income.

Moneybility, Chapter 4

Some savings goals that you can start with

There are many goals that can motivate you to save but choose the ones that are most important to you. It takes a few steps to choose a goal and how to start saving. Find out more from this chapter of Moneybility.

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