Chapter 2 Preview

Where Are You in Your Financial Journey?

What you will learn from this chapter:

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way Filipinos view financial health
  • How to assess your financial health using a simple questionnaire
  • Some tips on your next steps toward being financially healthy
  • The signs that assure that you’re financially healthy

How well do you know your financial health

Now that you understand how important personal finance is to you, the next step is to know where you are in your financial journey.

It starts with knowing your financial health. To get there, you need to check for vital signs, which in turn offers a snapshot of your financial situation.

In this chapter, we are providing you with these: a simple way to assess your financial health; some initial advice (yes, it’s free) for you to think about; and a few pointers to help you figure out how to achieve your financial goals.

Some wealthy people experience heavy financial stress, while some low-income folks feel secure and satisfied with where they stand financially. Thus, financial wellness has less to do with how much money you have than with your attitude and capabilities.

Moneybility, Chapter 2

How Financially Healthy Are You?

This chapter comes with a simple questionnaire that gives you a snapshot of where you are in your financial journey. After answering the questionnaire, your total rating will describe the stage of your journey as one of the personas above.

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